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Maybe you’re thinking of high-tech stores loaded with interactive touchscreens, and while those stores do exist, the truth is more that stores are becoming increasingly digitalised on a back-end and operational level. This is a trend we see in business in general, improving efficiency by digesting processes or using intelligent software.

So, what does this look like for brick-and-mortar stores? A digital transformation of a store is largely centred around a stores core offering – it’s products. Technology is being used to digitise the way products are processed, with RFID stocktakes, and managed, with digital applications.

Stores not only digitise time-consuming manual processes such as stocktakes and replenishment, but they also digitise the view of stock itself. This means stores have reliable visibility on all store inventory, on an item-level. This allows for omnichannel services like click-and-collect and ensures the store experience is optimised to a point that it consistently delivers – no operational mistakes and no more disappointing customers with unavailable products.

What are the advantages of Digitising Stores?

The Digital transformation of stores delivers benefits all across the value chain. For store staff on an operational level, they spend less time performing manual administrative tasks like inbound order processing or stock management – reducing labour costs and freeing up staff to attend to customers. The store itself benefits from an accurate inventory meaning quicker reordering, fewer out-of-stocks, and ultimately higher sales. If we zoom out a level to look at a network of multiple digitised stores the retailer can use this real-time view of stock to make better decisions run a smoother supply chain and build a first-class omnichannel offering. The customer enjoys a friction-less experience with fewer out-of-stocks, staff who know exactly what is available both in their store and online, and convenient purchasing options like click-and-collect.

Benefits for the store

• Real-time control over inventory and more efficient replenishment

• Greater inventory accuracy

• Quicker reordering

• Reduction in reserve stock